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Would you like take part in the next biggest thing taking place across the internet? Well now you can take part in one of the biggest changes to the internet since it began by showing local businesses interactive Local Video Store Tour packages.

We are offering you an opportunity to join us in one of the fastest markets to come along in decades. Our opportunity begins with you providing business owners the ability to have the internet become more useful to them than ever before.Local Video is a truly interactive directory with nearly 2 million business listings.You can now help local area businesses be found online through our proprietary StoreTour technology the first ever interactive video directory.

Our interactive web directory contains custom business videos with calling features to work on mobile phones. You will be helping businesses be found first and fast online by creating important links and business listings pages on the internet. The unique part of our business directory service will be through you providing StoreTour our proprietary software platform to the business owners which incorporates a custom video and a click to call button. We also can provide them with many different online coupons, daily deals, reviews, social links and other features a business needs through our service.All of these additional services can lead to very good streams of income through referrals from other business owners who want to be as busy as your clients. 

Now business owners will no longer need to maintain a website, the owner will be able to call and update their listing from one central easy to use, access, and maintain web portal available through our StoreTour service.

We will be providing an automated service that will centralize and eliminate many time consuming online tasks for business owners everywhere.

All that is required of you is to find businesses needing web help then go and take a few minutes of business video footage and photos. You will have the ability to earn a unlimited income through producing one or two minutes of useful finished video footage with your phone or camera highlighting the local businesses you visit and shop. Entry into this lucrative market costs you virtually nothing with us doing the majority of the work after producing, posting and maintaining the video. A simple 49.00 dollars will get you started with a website, business cards, promotional materials and much more.

We know we are creating a brand new type of advertising medium here. We are intent on bringing various new and old advertising technologies that worked well together into the mobile age with video & calling features combined on a local search directory. 
We will be providing you with your own geo-targeted agency webpage to direct your local customers towards. Your StoreTour business page will be seen by both other local businesses and customers. It will soon begin referring more business people to it for more clients as you develop your areas StoreTour business opportunity.  ​

To learn further about our opportunities here at The Local Online Directories Group use the email box below with the subject line Team Opportunities in the title and a business consultant will be calling you to respond within 24 to 48 hours to answer your questions.

We will provide affiliates a licensed program and open territory to promote a turn key business. Upside growth potential is huge with every business out there seeking a solution to maintaining multiple scattered internet listings. We are providing them not only a main listing site but an incredible amount of features at a much lower monthly cost than the current  directories.

An average of 83% of businesses recently reviewed do not have an up to date website for customers. Customers leave quickly for a competitor when not finding basic simple listings with hours, directions and locations. Even fewer businesses have a site which is viewable on a tablet or smartphone. Would you like to be in on this market providing it for free? 

You can start your own turn key business from home earning from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars a day. Commissions, trips, overrides, cars and more bonuses are available. Earn even more if you set up your own marketing organization to promote it through multiple levels across the United States.

We will provide you with 24/7 support, weekly training and fast growing up and coming national brand. You pick your own hours, industries to search and work in or just find a few friends to tell and build your own network with them.

 A team member will speak to you and provide you with followup information and instructions that will completely change your life and help you become very successful through our turn key program after you have registered with us through PayPal for 49.00 below.  

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