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Your business video & page will be found on the first page of Google. Consumers then can use the click to call button & immediately reach you before the competition through our proprietary StoreTour system. 

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We are so sure of our proprietary product that we offer customers a double your money back guarantee. If you can find another product with our identical features for a lower price we will provide you with double your subscription cost rebate.     You will be required to provide us with verification either in writing or online through a verifiable source. Other restrictions and rules may apply which are available by request. However we would love to see if there is anything remotely close to our value offered and customers are our best way to find out.

 Unlike TRADITIONAL websites we offer an immediate solution to getting customer calls.       Our mobile based video landing page has a built-in calling feature that enables anyone  to call your business immediately after watching your video from their phone in seconds.

Our proprietary StoreTour packages provide your business a complete internet marketing solution which appears first on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Now your business will be highlighted during a local business search and rank above your competition through our proprietary StoreTour system.                                   

You can now have potential customers reaching out to you first after finding you or your service online through a StoreTour package during a search. More importantly your ability to take calls immediately will thoroughly beat your competition reaching consumers who are nearly ready to purchase while searching via mobile or online.             


Its very easy getting started promoting your business with our proprietary Store Tour technology. You can easily start with your smart phone snapping the pictures & video that you would like to use and include throughout the custom business video. 

Cant send media content? No problem we can have a videographer come out or use stock footage to help capture the look you are seeking for your business online. Contact us below using the green button to learn just how affordable video is for you.

Are you in need of affordable video marketing platform far more comprehensive than a website? Our

Imagine how surprised & impressed your potential clients will be with your professional appearance after they find and watch your high definition business video online during a search. Then imagine their amazement with the fact your built in phone calling feature allows them to reach you immediately or schedule after watching your custom made video!

We produce your HD business video on a specially designed StoreTour webpage that can also eliminate the need for a simple older website and bring in significantly more business with our proprietary click to call, schedule or E-mail features.


Do you need some video to capture interest or updates to your website? A recent Forrester research report indicates there are far reaching implications for small businesses who have not begun using video. People stay on a site longer with videos they tend to refer friends and talk about what they saw 1.4 more times according to Google statistics. The latest Forrester report indicates one video is equal to approximately 1.8 million words or almost 36 webpages of content. It also estimates in 2018 over 70% of advertising will be done via video. Is your marketing plan or web page currently packing that much punch?

Learn more about the advantages of integrating video into your marketing and advertising plans. YouTube search is the second ranking search engine behind Google. We work closely with all the major outlets and search engines for your video promotion.

We offer video marketing packages starting for far less than many providers and will also provide you with free advertising if it is not watched but displays online. 

We can simultaneously help your business be found faster while boosting your business image, bottom line, branding and more through the use of video. Inquire to learn how a video marketing plan can be incorporated into your business affordably, effectively and provide you a huge return on investment.


Click to call allows a potential customer to click a button to call and schedule or E-mail you via a web page on our directories. They will be directed onto your StoreTour microsite scheduling page from their compatible smartphone, personal computer or tablet.

The click to call feature is enabled on all premium listings and allows the consumer to call your business right from their phone virtually ELIMINATING any further shopping of the competition.


We also offer our services to franchises and businesses with multiple locations. We have the ability to enable multiple team members and locations as well. We have a world class group of web designers and developers who are skilled in many computer languages and regularly utilize HTML, PHP and Javascript across many different platforms such as Joomla, WordPress and more. Please reach out to us with your needs for a customized quote on any of these services based on your needs.


There are over 26 billion websites worldwide according to Google and having your website properly listed here through our business listings service is the single most important step towards being found online. Your businesses name address phone or N.A.P. information is the key.

Google and other search engines rank your business through your citations found online (business listings on directories) and the more often your information is found online the higher your site ranks.

Business listings are more important than ever nowadays with the increased use of mobile phones by consumers. Most mobile phones are G.P.S. enabled which provides the users an ability to search online and lookup businesses on searchable maps which are often found on directories like ours at the Local Online Directories Group. 

We offer businesses both a free listing and a premium business listing service. A free business listing will appear on our websites after a few weeks (Due to our backup) while premium business listings will appear across hundreds of directories with us saving you weeks of finding, entering and posting your listings online yourself within a few days. 

How can you have your business website stand out in that crowd without planning professionally?

You can appear first and fast through utilizing our professional design and development services and doing the proper steps called for by the large search engines in their ranking requirements. We incorporate things like search engine optimization A-B testing, directory listings and much more. N.A.P. or name, address and phone listingsand business listings and reputation management services are availaible as well.All these things go into the work needed to having your website and business appear in a crowded vertical on the internet. 



Reputation management of your brand and information is more and more complex in an ever evolving category nowadays. On average 1 in 100 customers will leave a complimentary review while 8 out of 10 unhappy customers complain to obtain a better resolution. Are you able to keep up with these comments? Software online updates these reviews in order to help people make decisions about a businesses reputation right from their mobile phone nowadays. 

We are so sure of the StoreTour marketing system that we additionally will offer you a double your money back guarantee if you can find a matching product with the same features as ours for the same amount.  

Multiple locations & franchises can also be helped as well as single locations. Reach us to learn more about our services.

We also offer a variety of web services to help your business be found online. Come and join the other businesses found at www.Local.Video

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