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Branson Technology

Branson Technology has been in operation since 2016 providing local directory based services across the United States. Our proprietary STORETOUR technology packages provide many businesses with a simple easy to use, affordable internet marketing solution that gets results.

Store Tour Video Marketing

Our proprietary Store Tour interactive web packages will help your business be found first & fast across the internet through a custom made video & calling feature on your own business landing page. 

Store Tour combines a custom made video with built in calling features on a business page built for you. It is designed to help your business be easily found not only locally but across the world through the internet. 

One of our other amazing features is our click to call feature. This virtually eliminates customers calling another business elsewhere during their online search when you give them the chance to call you first through our click to call feature after watching your video on your directory page. 

Chances are they are already holding a phone, Isn't that why you advertise, to develop your business through customers calling and visiting your store?

We can provide your organization with many additional marketing tools for your business through our additional features available. Packages like social media links, coupons, pictures, video chat features and more are available.

Our landing page (microsite) provides consumers a mobile ready view into a business while satisfying their visual need in searching for a product or service online through watching your custom made video. Does your website do that now?

Website Design & Development

Website design and development that can properly promote your business across the internet is extremely important nowadays. What goes into designing a great website? Many factors not only what you see, but more importantly behind the scenes things like up to date coding, page loading speed most important the ranking capability and search engine optimization. When someone thinks that web design is a general and simple task they are actually quite misinformed. Nowadays a web design developer has many different individual aspects to incorporate that have to go together quickly and form a visually appealing website based on a customer’s wishes not only for a home computer or P.C. but phones and tablets as well.

Todays mobile phones and tablets will not display a website correctly unless it contains the latest proper version of coding. HTML and CSS3 code are just a few additional things to require and incorporate when planning a website as well. Our designers are capable of taking your vision and bringing it to life in front of your very own eyes.

We have a world class group of web designers and developers who are skilled in many computer languages and regularly utilize HTML, PHP or Javascript across many different platforms such as Joomla, WordPress and more. 

At last count there were over 26 billion websites with pages being indexed according to Google. How can you have your business website stand out in that crowd without planning professionally?

You can appear first and fast through utilizing our professional design and development services and doing the proper steps called for by the large search engines in their ranking requirements. Everybody has a website nowadays but making it appear first or on the front page takes a lot of dedicated professional work.

We incorporate things like search engine optimization A-B testing, directory listings and much more. All these things go into the work needed to having your website and business appear in a crowded vertical on the internet. The webstack is another area of web expertise that is important towards being found it comprises of not only the graphics, design or graphic animation, video, interface design, authoring, coding, and proprietary software but many other important aspects.

We have over 40,000 pages indexed across our websites and many happy clients, (view our video testimonials below) we can provide your business with a simple free web page on one of our proprietary directories all the way to a series of private secured intranet pages for your business onsite. 


Social Media Posting & Management

Are you wondering if social media marketing is right for your business? Social media can be a very effective way to attract new customers and drive repeat business.

Here’s what you probably need to know: It connects people; usually to share content with each other or to chat.  These sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter are often times used and taken into consideration prior to a purchase.

Did You Know? Over 70% of people are likely to share content with their friends, coworkers, or family members online. People used these sites to interact with friends and family members learn from them. Social media marketing is a form of marketing that uses social media to build relationships, attract new customers, and keep the loyalty of existing ones.Social media is certainly here to stay with a 17% year over year growth rate. These social media platforms provide fantastic opportunities to grow your business and enhance your company’s image using a combination of social media and other publishing platforms.  Which when used effectively, will build repeated bridges of communication to your clients. Facebook reports there are over 2.01 billion monthly active Facebook users for June 2017* *(Facebook) It is estimated that 30% of shoppers will make a decision based on recommendations from friends and reviews found across social media. Want proof? Simply go to any advertising publication or Google Partners and read reports from them for their advertising partners and networks. The online data is amazing and all new compared to the traditional media of yesteryear from print, radio and TV shopping habits have drastically changed. We are here to help you stay relevant in the fast changing world of internet advertising, marketing and design. Reach us at Branson Technology toll free at 866-676-0812 

Reputation Management 

Reputation management of your brand and information is more and more complex in an ever evolving category nowadays. On average 1 in 100 customers will leave a complimentary review while 8 out of 10 unhappy customers complain to obtain a better resolution. Are you able to keep up with these comments? Software online updates these reviews in order to help people make decisions about a businesses reputation right from their mobile phone nowadays. In addition it is vitally important to keep up with patches, cloud based technology, data security and secured access to all of this are just as important to running your business smoothly as well.

We understand the difficulties of running a small business day to day and keeping up. We are here to help you with the physical implementation of the many needed technological innovations quickly appearing before you.

Schedule an appointment with us to learn about our ability to setup your reputation management, servers, websites, webstacks, E-Mail or data and information security needs. Employee security training in todays world is even more important, call us to learn how we can provide you with free employee cyber security training.

INTERNET MARKETING strategies that we can provide include many different techniques such as Directory listing submission, Video production, Social Media Marketing, Blogging, Social News, Press Releases, Keywords, Search Engine Optimization, E-Mail, RSS Feeds, Pay Per Click, Email Marketing, SMS Messaging blasts and more.

The internet has become incredibly popular over the years, especially due to the fact everyone has access to the Internet nowadays. We are mobile focused first with the use of laptops almost becoming secondary to the phone and tablets by consumers. So what’s the best way to market your business? Across a series of platforms, utilizing mobile ready video, reviews, social media and more.These tools are the only way to be found truly across the Internet. The wide spread difference of ways to access the internet and operating systems has created a stumbling block for many businesses to maintain individually that we have set out to address.

A recent survey shows people spend much more time on the Internet than compared to watching television anymore. What does this mean? We are in a 24 hour constantly connected environment. This means your business should be updating your sites content, social media and blogs with relevant content constantly. The Internet is up 24 hours a day 7 days a week, are you utilizing it properly? Are you providing your customers content when your business is closed?. The demand for online content has continued to grow exponentially with 60 hours of video being uploaded every minute according to YouTube.  When you provide accessible video content you have an opportunity to not only brand yourself but create credibility as an expert and state of the art company.

We work closely with Google, Bing, Yahoo and multiple other search engines to put your business in front of millions of people who are searching the internet for services nationally.   

          Online Directory Listings

Online directory listings are important to being found online nowadays. Businesses are often verified online through a N.A.P. (Name, Address, Phone) listing and here are a few more important reasons to have your business listings up to date, ​

  • The listing for your business is more readily found by search engines as a category in a directory once indexed versus a single business website.

  • Our listings are easily viewed across all devices phones, tablets and personal computers. Google has begun highlighting sites that are user friendly versus the many websites that do not have this newer feature to show up properly.

  • Listing your business on our directory will eventually allow it to be listed across over 300 other directories for free.

  • We appear first as a directory when a search is done just like picking up a phone book used to work for finding a business listing or category.

  • Our micro site or mini webpage allows you to have all the features most asked for in one place no need to maintain a website and social media postings across 3 or more places.

  • We are the lowest cost and most feature rich directory available compared to any others currently available.

  • Your premium listing will also be featured on our other directories at Local Online, Your Web and more.​

  • Premium Listings allow you to post a Daily Deal or coupon special and change as often as you choose to.

  • We can add videos, blogs, coupons, social media links, tickets and more in addition to links back to your website. 

  • Publish photos, brand your business through your corporate image with a Bronze listing or Premium listings.

  • Google Maps listed to promote your visibility.

  • Search engine optimized listings, advanced consulting available for Google Ad Words and other programs.

Want to learn more? Leave your info and we’ll get back to you.

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