Best Marketing

Best Marketing is the digital agency side of our website Local.Video We are a fully online ad agency that can significantly boost your business online through our proprietary StoreTour advertising and marketing packages.

We provide you and your business with the production and marketing of our interactive StoreTour business packages available here on www.Local.Video

In order to help our fellow small businesses and entrepreneurs who maybe suffering in this current economic slowdown & pandemic we are running a very special offer for new enrollments to join us with an annual price of 199.00. We are trying to help out our fellow businesses to remain open. Our special Covid-19 offer is the equivalent of our highly successful Bronze Plan which is normally 498.00 annually.

The special offer consists of all of our Bronze plan features with a savings of 299.00 off of the normal StoreTour price. 

Simply get started enrolling below using our PayPal link to get started.This is a limited time offer act now.

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