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Attorney Marketing

Your business video & page will be found first by consumers on Google. Consumers then can use the click to call button & immediately reach you before the competition through our proprietary StoreTour system.

We can help your office be easily discovered during an online search with our proprietary  StoreTour technology.                               

There was a long period in most states,

that attorney's websites were considered to be advertisements, which are subject to regulation by the state bar associations.

Typically, the state's bar rules or rules of ethics and professional conduct have specific provisions that govern law firm and attorney website advertising and marketing.

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There was a time, not that long ago when the rules prohibited lawyers from advertising their services.

Some 40 years later legal advertising has come a long way. The rules, written from their authors’ patriarchal perches way back when, were guided by one (perceived) truth: the general public is woefully unsophisticated and paralyzingly unable to survive exposure to advertising. 

In todays world if you are not found first you will be gone shortly. The lower ranking is exponentially worse as you go down the page. We have solved that problem through a proprietary system with a money back guarantee.

Call us now to learn more about our affordable intuitive programs for attorneys 224-444-0812

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