360 Degree Video


Do you need some video to capture interest or updates to your website? A recent Forrester research report indicates there are far reaching implications for small businesses who have not begun using video. People stay on a site longer with videos they tend to refer friends and talk about what they saw 1.4 more times according to Google statistics. The latest Forrester report indicates one video is equal to approximately 1.8 million words or almost 36 webpages of content. It also estimates by 2018 over 70% of advertising will be done via video. Is your web page currently packing that much punch?

Watch our short video below to learn more about the advantages of integrating video into your marketing and advertising plans. YouTube search is the second ranking search engine behind Google. We work closely with Google, YouTube, Vimeo, IBOTube and other search engines for video promotion.

We can offer a video marketing package starting as low as 10 cents a view and simultaneously provide you free advertising if it is not watched but displays? 

Learn how inexpensive a video campaign can be for your business.

We can simultaneously help your business be found faster while boosting your business image, bottom line, branding and more through the use of video. Inquire to learn how a video marketing plan can be incorporated into your business affordably, effectively and provide you a huge return on investment.


We can often times add a calling and scheduling feature to your website. Not only is the click to call feature available with our proprietary Store Tour packages but it can often times be placed on a business website. However that is based on a couple things first, whom your web developer is, his cooperation, proficiency, security protocols and sometimes other things beyond our control. 

We generally have it available to anyone whom purchases a Store Tour plan. A click to call plan allows a potential customer to click a button and or schedule to talk with you via a webpage or our listings.

They will be directed onto your microsite scheduling page from their smartphone, personal computer or tablet. The click to call feature is enabled on all premium listings and allows the consumer to call your business right from their phone ELIMINATING any further shopping of the competition.

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