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If you are a business owner its very easy adding your business and getting started promoting your business with our proprietary Store Tour  technology. You can easily start with your smart phone snapping the pictures & video that you would like to use and include throughout the custom business video.Then simply use the PayPal to get started. We will reach out shortly.

Cant send media content? No problem we can have a videographer come out or use stock footage to help capture the look you are seeking for your business online. Contact us below using the green button to learn just how affordable video is for you.



Video Marketing

Getting called first today is only way to succeed online. What good is a website that will not allow visitors to call you? Our exclusive proprietary Store Tour interactive web packages allow your business to be found first & fast across all the internet search engines. We combine the most important elements needed in today's world, an affordable custom video & immediate calling feature on your own business web page.

Getting called first easily eliminates the competition during a consumers initial online search. Why not easily give them the chance to call your business first?

Chances are good they are already holding a phone, Isn't that why you advertise, to develop your business through customers calling and visiting your store?

Your customized interactive business landing page gives consumers an immediate view & feel into your business through watching your branded video, then lets them call you right from the page, Does your website do any of that now?  Click on the the green calling button on the phone to see for yourself how we can offer you a double your money back guarantee when you enroll with us.

Your business video & page will be found first by consumers on Google. Consumers then can use the click to call button & immediately reach you before the competition through our proprietary StoreTour system.

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Have your business reached locally through our combined video & calling package. Our proprietary StoreTour business listings services is found across all major search engines and enables customers to immediately call a participating business after watching a custom produced video found on their mobile phones.

Nearly two million business listings appear on the Local.Video directory with more and more everyday choosing Storetour video packages to be found easily online. If you cant find the business you are looking for on our site ask them, Why aren't you on Local.Video?     

We are so sure of the StoreTour marketing system that we additionally will offer you a double your money back guarantee if you can find a matching product with the same features as ours for the same amount.  


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